Interesting Articles

Below is a listing of articles, videos, or pdf's related to supply chain management.

  1. CPIM Module 5 Strategic Management of Resources Webinar by David Rivers:  Link 
  2. Opportunities in Supply Chain Management: This articles talks about the certifications that help supply chain professionals: Link
  3. Timeless challenges for supply chain management (Supply Chain Digest): Link
  4. Supply Chain Trends document by Hitachi Consulting: Link
  5. Career overview of Supply Chain Professionals:   Link

posted May 2013

  1. Supply Chain by numbers for week of June 6, 2013. Link
  2. Lessons from the world’s best supply chains.  Link
  3. Top 25 Supply Chains slide show.   Link
  4. What does it take to have a top 25 supply chain?  Link
  5. Making EOQ more relevant.   Link  

posted June 2013

Other Supply Chain organizations

Below is a list of other local supply chain organizations. This is a great source of knowledge.

  1. New England Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition ; NESCON
  2. The Association for Operations Management  ; APICS
  3. APICS North Shore
  4. APICS South Shore
  5. Purchasing Management Association of Boston  ;PMAB
  6. Supply Chain Council ; SCC
  7. The Grocery Manufacturers Association ; GMA
  8. The Carbon Disclosure Project
  9. Utility Purchasing Management Group ; UPMG
  10. Distrubution Business Management Association ; DBMA
  11. The Healthcare Supply Chain Professional ; HSCP
  12. Institute of Supply Management ; ISM
  13. Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals ; CSCMP

Boston APICS' policy documents.

Affiliate Advertising Policy 

Second Chance to Pass Policy

Class Cancellation Policy

Links to other useful resources

Quality Management

Cause and Effect diagram (fish Bone diagram)

American National Standards

American Supplier Institute

Dr. W. Edwards Deming

ISO 9000 Checklist

Juran Institute

Malcomb Baldridge National Quality Program

Project Management

 Project Management Institute (PMI)

PM Student  Great source!!!!


American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Alliance for American Manufacturing

Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME)

Association for Manufacturing Technology

Best Manufacturing Practice Center

Industry Week

Association For Manufacturing Excellance

Manufacturer's Technology Center

Manufacturing Census Data

Manufacturing News

Manufacturing Marketplace


International Society for Phameceutical Engineering (ISPE)

Manager Tools  Great Site/Podcasts!!!!

Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering Automatic Identification Manufacturers


Financial Times
Harvard Business School